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Rocky was picked up by animal control several times when he kept escaping. The authorities informed his previous owners they had 3 months to fix their fence. In the meantime Rocky would be staying with us - they visited a handful of times then we never heard from them again..that was 2 years ago. Rocky was another dog who was never trained or socialized and due to his size became dangerous fast. Rocky will be going through our balanced training program and

we will evaluate to see if he can be safely adopted or if he will become a sanctuary dog of HMF. 


Ryno was an owner surrender that was never socialized outside of his environment. Despite this he loves people and other dogs. Due to severe allergies, he has been undergoing treatment to determine the cause and get on the correct management plan. We do believe we have solved it and he is doing well. Would like to find a permanent foster for Ryno, that way his food and supplies to manage his allergies are taken care of.



Porter was an owner surrender due to a horrific accident where he was attacked by another dog. Due to his injuries he lost his eye but due to rescue he did not lose his life. Porter is not adoptable due to another medical condition that he has most like had for years, Masticatory Muscle Myositis, as well as chronic concerns with the fracture of the bones in his soft palate that occurred during the attack, that may have to be removed someday. Porter is a Hedd Mutt Sanctuary dog.

Marty Deeks

This guy was picked up by animal control literally in a junkyard. The term "junkyard dog" fit Deeks when it become apparent he had never been inside and had no manners or understanding of what was being asked of him. Deeks has anxiety, does not like other dogs and can quickly redirect. Deeks can never be safely adopted so he has become an HMF sanctuary dog where he receives the balanced training and structure he needs in a safe setting.

Pepper Potts

Pepper was a product of an irresponsible owner who failed to spay their dog. She was never properly trained or socialized, which lead to a dog fight and resource guarding her previous owner to the point no one could come near her. Pepper is now with HMF where she will go through our balanced training program and

we will evaluate to see if she can be safely adopted or if she will become a sanctuary dog of HMF. 

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