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Rocky was picked up by animal control several times when he kept escaping. The authorities informed his previous owners they had 3 months to fix their fence. In the meantime, Rocky would be staying with us - they visited a handful of times then we never heard from them again. That was 4 years ago. Rocky was another dog who was never trained or socialized and due to his size became dangerous fast. Rocky will be going through our balanced training program but will always be a sanctuary dog of HMF. 



Rosie came to HMF from another local shelter, several weeks with us decompressing and learning about her she went to a foster to adopt where we did several meets with training sessions. Within 24 hours not all recommendations were followed, and Rosie redirected on the resident dog with no inquiry to him. As the human tried to intervene Rosie amped up and redirected. Rosie came back to HMF immediately. Rosie requires structure and boundaries with these she is great. With Rosie's past she with remain with HMF indefinitely, of course there are exceptions if the perfect person is found that can manage her triggers.


Pepper Potts

Pepper was a product of an irresponsible owner who failed to spay their dog. She was never properly trained or socialized, which lead to a dog fight and resource guarding her previous owner to the point no one could come near her. Pepper is now with HMF where she will go through our balanced training program and

we will evaluate to see if she can be safely adopted or if she will become a sanctuary dog of HMF. 



May actually was a foster with the co-founders of HMF before they were a rescue. She was placed with them after she was picked up by animal control pregnant. She and her puppies lived with them for several months till all the puppies were adopted but one, a family wanted to adopt May and her puppy together. They had both for about 1 year till the original rescue was contacted and told the family no longer wanted either dog. By then HMF was established and we took both in, her puppy Skye was adopted with another HMF dog to a wonderful family but May is still with us. She is an absolute fantastic dog that we use for a tester dog. Right now she is a HMF sanctuary dog till the right person can be found due to her becoming protective of her person at times, with a firm verbal correction she stops.

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